Color Pigment Sdn. Bhd.


Developed and tested to stringent performance benchmarks and produced to exacting manufacturing parameters, Color Pigment's masterbatches sets the industry standard for a cost effective solution to your material needs and fulfillment of end customer's product requirements.

Color Pigment has an extensive range of white and colour OLEFIN ENHANCE masterbatch and calcium carbonate SAVMAS masterbatch - developed for a wide range of applications including but not restricted to blow film, injection, blow moulding and sheet extrusion processes where commendable and consistent performance parameters have been attained.

Color Pigment's white and colour OLEFIN ENHANCE masterbatch range is noted for its excellent colour dispersion, vibrancy and concentration with an outstanding opacity performance and whereas its calcium carbonate masterbatch SAVMAS range is reknowned for its industry leading refinement, stable, non abbrasive and food grade compliant character with excellect moisture repellent abilitiy where its in-house proprieraty formulation has been optimized for high substituition levels as a performance additive and filler function.

These performance attributes have been achieved with the extensive experience and know how in material development and in the practical workings of the various industrial processes coupled with a stringent selection of supply sources - prinicipally from multinationals with a global presence.

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