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Developed and tested to stringent performance benchmarks and produced to exacting manufacturing parameters, Color Pigment's masterbatches sets the industry standard for a cost effective solution to your material needs and fulfillment of end customer's product requirements.

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Bio Resin

Color Pigment in collaboration with its technical partners abroad have sought to develop, distribute and supply a 100% fully bio-degradable starch based masterbatch for polymer processes and development is presently continuing.

Color Pigment in collaboration with its technical partners abroad have also made available bio-degradable additives for various applications. Color Pigment has in line with industry and environmental initiatives developed bio-degradeable masterbatches and additives to create products which are environmentally friendly, easily disposed off and is non-toxic.

Performance Additives

Color Pigment has developed impact modifiers for PP, PE and ABS applications for impact and compression resistance as well as UV enhanced masterbatches customized and optimized for excellent weather and extreme temperature resistant characteristics. Such enhancements have enabled our esteemed customer to benefit from product improvements and enhancements giving them a competitive edge in the market for similar products and attaining certifications from professional industrial bodies and regulatory standards for various markets.